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My name is Sandrine Kwizerimana, I'm 13 years old and study in  primary 4.


I represent 43 children members of the ‘Family of Hope for the Nations  in the village of Maramvya in Burundi, central Africa. Many of us started scool very late because of poverty.


Living in Burundi is not easy for us who have been deprived of parents due to war and desease. We are living in traumatic conditions due to extreme poverty, homelessness, famine and the difficulty to access good health care, appropriate justice and fair rights.


We were pleased when the ‘Hope Family Association’ helped us to go to school but the majority of us give up every day because of the stress of hunger. We still mourn the death of one of us, Sandrine Niyuhire, a survivor of the war for whom the disease of poverty had no pity.


We are sad when we learn that there are places in the world where food is thrown out when at times we go to school with an empty stomach. Many of us are surviving these difficult times only due to our prayers and the psychological support offered by volunteers.


Today, we are very encouraged to learn that Marcel Rachid, Linda Moxley, Karine Parello- Plesner and their friends are in the process of mobilizing people to relieve our hunger.


We need $ 35,000 to buy 1.5 acres of fields, a rice huller and the necessary accessories. Our village is ready to help us operate a rice field and a vegetable garden that will allow us to open a school canteen. Then, we will be assured of having at least one hot meal a day and be able to concentrate at school and hope for a better future


To support us in this battle of life, please give with your heart during the organized fundraising meetings, by mail or online at www.fenations.org. So you will contribute to allowing us to become what we really are capable of becoming.


On behalf of all the Hope children, I thank you for your generosity and let you know that for any donation given a tax receipt will be send to you very soon.  Bless you,


 Sandrine Kwizerimana

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